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The Basilica of Our Lady of Candelaria, is a place well worth visiting. It is the work of Enrique Marrero Regalado, built upon the initiative of the G üimar bishop Domingo Pérez Cáceres. In its interior there are murals by José Aguiar and works of the painter Martín González. Also worth visiting is the Chapter House “Casa del Cabildo”, where the painter lodged himself when assisting the festivities.

The textile works carried out on the looms are the characteristic crafts of this region.

Among the local celebrations, the Festivity of Our Lady of Candelaria, on the 2nd of February and her apparition on the 15 th of August, are both outstanding. People come from through out the island to this celebration. On this date, that some authors relate with the festivity of the aborigin Beñesmen, a representation of the events that happened when the image was first found by the guanches, is portrayed. Dressed in skins, the participants act out the discovery of the virgin by some shepherds, up to its worship, due to the miracles observed.

The dance of the ribbons in Igueste de Candelaria is an interesting legacy of folklore.


Calendar of Popular Festivities in Candelaria
February 2nd Our Lady of Candelaria
February-March Carnivals. Regional encounter of Murgas
Sunday closest to March 19th San José. Barranco Hondo. Pilgrimage
Last Sunday in May Pilgrimage of San Isidro. Araya de Candelaria
June San Juanito. Widow Beach (Playa de la Viuda)
June 24th San Juan Igueste de Candelaria. San Juan. Pilgrimage
July 16th Our Lady of Carmen
July 26th Festivities of Santa Ana
August Song Festival of the Villa of Candelaria
August 14 – 15th Ascension of the Virgin. Representation of the Virgin’s appearance to the Guanches. Festivity of national tourist interest
Second Sunday in August Holy Trinity. Igueste de Candelaria
Last Sunday in August Santa María Magdalena. Las Caletillas
October 13th Canonical Coronation Anniversary of the Holy Image
Last Sunday in October Santa Rita. Araya de Candelaria
30 noviembre San Andrés. Caves of Candelaria

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