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The image of the Virgin of Candelaria reached the beaches of Chimisay brought by the sea, around the end of the XIV century (1390 or 1391). The mencey of Güímar took her to his cave where she was kept for over 50 years.

The primitive image, together with other important works, disappeared due to an avalanche of dirt in 1826, the present day sculpture is the work of Fernando Estévez, who crafted it in 1827.

The life of Candelaria has been intimately related to the avatars of the venerated image and its sanctuary, the location of which was changed on several occasions due to its solitude and the possibility of pirate attacks.

Through out history, it has been a place of pilgrimage, since its Basilica is the Virgin of Candelaria.

Places of Historical Interest.

Ancient sculptures of the Menceys Punta Larga. (works of Alfredo Reyes Darias)

Ancient Guildhall. 1631

Cave of San Blas or Achibinico and temple. XVI Century.

Sculptures of the Menceys. 1993. (works of José Abad)

Fountain of the pilgrims. (work of Alfredo Reyes Darias)

Church of the Holy Trinity. Igueste de Candelaria. XVIII Century.

Church of Santa Ana.

Spacious construction dating from 1575, rebuilt in 1769.

It has an image of Crucified Christ from the XVII century and interesting sculptures from the group of the Holy Supper.


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